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P/C Bldg question

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I am working on a golf car storage building project.  We are using a
precast concrete DT's supported by P/C IT's and columns on interior
support lines and P/C wall panels around the perimeter.  The structure
is built into a hillside (open on one side only) and the "roof"  will
have two tennis courts.

I am concerned about the roof deck system.  I presume that the DT's will
be erected un-topped and that the topping slab will be field poured.  We
specify tooled/sealed joints to align with all joints between P/C
members.  I also presume that a surface with that many joints will not
be desirable as a playing surface for tennis and that an additional
wearing/playing surface slab will be necessary.

The wearing surface (with inevitable water leaking and deterioration
problems) is where I anticipate some problems.  My thoughts are that it
would be ideal to place a waterproof membrane over the topped P/C
decking, put a drainage mat of some sort over the membrane, protect the
drainage mat with some sort of protection board and then pour the
wearing/playing surface slab over the protection board.  My hunch is
that the wearing slab should "float" on the structural system.

My questions are:
Has anyone had experience with a similar condition?
For drainage of the deck, the entire system will slope at 1"/10' to
scuppers and downspouts.  How do I get the water out of the drainage mat
between the structural deck and the wearing slab? (Floor drains,

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Gray Hodge