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QUERY: Field Quality Assurance for Concrete Coatings

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Boy, this has certainly been a brave new world for me writing a spec for
this purpose.

I want to require that the Contractor "retain a testing agency at
Contractor's expense to perform periodic inspection of concrete coating

However, I'd like to include by reference some specific QA procedures (as
well as the QC requirements for the Contractor himself). The SSPC has some
published documents that would likely be applicable, but without buying each
of the dozen or so publications at $25 a pop, I can't tell which would have
the applicable procedures, nor which of those contained therein I ought to

Is anyone familiar with any of the SSPC-Guide 11: Guide for Coating
Concrete, and can you tell me which would have the information I need? I
don't mind buying this if it does but I see it's only five pages long, and
I'm thinking it may not have that much information.

If not, is there any such published standard or recommended practice that
you would recommend?


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