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Re: Exterior Stud Wall Deflection

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Why would the exterior wall be any different?  If the wall has brittle
finishes, stucco or even EIFS exterior, gypboard and plaster joints
interior, I would certainly think the same limitations apply.  If the
element in question supports a glass system for out of plane I would
probably use l/360, masonry or stone veneer, l/480.

The UBC as adopted in California (CBC) requires the use of exposure C unless
specific site analysis justifies of a lower value.  IMHO UBC wind load
requirements are not overly conservative, and cutting things to the edge is
not recommended.

Paul Feather
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Subject: Exterior Stud Wall Deflection

> 1997 UBC 1611.5 sets "interior" wall deflection limits of L/240 for
> finishes and L/120 for flexible finishes (for 5 psf minimum out-of-plane
> loading).
> Given an "exterior" sawn lumber king stud (actually 3-2x6's) that is 19'
> tall with 5' tributary width of wind loading (80 mph wind, exposure B,
> stucco finish).  If the calculations show that combined axial & bending is
> satisfied ... would you check the stud's deflection as well?
> What kind of deflection limitation do you think is enforceable  ... since
> the code does not appear to specifically address deflection limitations of
> exterior walls?
> Thank you for any input.
> Steve Hiner