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ACI 318-99 (3.6- Admixtures)

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Hello everyone
ACI 318-99 Code 3.6.5 described for concrete admixtures as follows;
" Water-reducing admixtures, retarding admixtures, accelerating
admixtures, water-reducing and retarding admixtures, and water-
reducing, accelerating admixtures shall conform to "Specification
for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete"(ASTM C 494) or "Specification
for Chemical Admixtures for use in Producing Flowing Concrete"
(ASTM 1017)"
Dose anybody know the reason why Water Reducing High Range
(ASTM C 494 Type F)  and Water Reducing High rangeand and Retarding
(ASTM C 494 Type G) dose not exsit in the ACI 318 Code requirements ?
This mean that the above admixtures can't used in the building designed
in accordance with ACI 318 code or not ?
Yangsoo Kim