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Off Topic - Microsoft Win98 2nd Ed and Intellimouse Explorer

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This is NOT a structural engineering topic:

My computer runs WIN98 2nd Edition, and I have been downloading the latest
"Critical Updates" from Microsoft.  I have a USB Intellimouse Explorer (the
optical kind), and after I dowloaded the lates updates, my mouse has been
freaking out. Specifically, the power to the mouse (as evidenced by being
able to use it and also by the red glow from the bottom) just cuts out
intermittently, usually returning within a couple of seconds, but on
occasion I have to reboot.

I am posting this just in case anyone else has encountered a similar
problem, and if so, what was done about it?  If this isn't the case, does
anyone know of a site that I could post this question on?  I tried the
Microsoft support approach, and after about 10 minutes of signing on,
getting a passport name, going to different web pages etc. I gave up.



T. Eric Gillham PE

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