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RE: COMMENTS REQUESTED: Weird Wood Sheathed "Shear Wall"

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1. No, new construction, but this is a "program" job, meaning the Arch's
client wants 'em all to look this way. At least two have been or are being
constructed prior to this one.

2. Yes, it would, but I don't believe he will. Again, the problem is that he
has a "set" design, that's the way his client wants it, and now I've got to
get it to work.

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I read your sketch. I shared the same concern of the force perpendicular to
wall surface as others.
1. My next question is if this is a remodeling project. If so, can that
demolished and build from scratch with one uniform material without trying
patch or develope moment connections here and there. Not sure about the
wall height and wall thickess for both materials, but by comparison, it
most cost effectively done this way in Western coast. Also, try to fit
frame into
two different materials, seems generating headache.
2. If this were a brand new project, can that architect accept veneering
window sills, that will make your life a lot easier, wont it.
Just 2 cents of thoughts.

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