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UBC Table 16-O, Penthouse Force Factors

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I am posting this again as it does not show up in the April+ listings.  It
only shows up in the Jan-March listings.

I have a single story freezer building located in seismic zone 3 (14,000
s.f.). I have two small penthouses (30'x30' each) which house the cooling
The penthouses are supported by H-frames in the plane of the freezer roof.

The lateral load resisting system for the penthouses are concentrically
braced frames with seisic forces considering the pethouses as elements per
UBC 1632 and Table 16-O.

The lateral load resisting system for the freezer is a concentrically
braced frame with seismic forces per UBC 1630.2.

The question is: After designing the bracing system for the penthouses per
the element requirements, can the seismic loads applied to the freezer roof
from the penthouse be scaled down so that the magnitude of these forces are
based upon the seismic coefficient used for the freezer?

Thanks for the help.

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