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RE: Current AISC Activities

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Title: Current AISC Activities
My sincere Thanks to AISC for making more publications available to engineers through download. This is a monumental move in the right direction and I will make sure that appropriate links are provided on the Structuralist.Net Professional Reference Web page.
I am very pleased that AISC recognizing the importance of supporting the design industry to insure a maintained understanding of the changes affecting steel design. This is by far one of the better pieces of news that we have received and I hope that other organizations (those representing material manufacturers as well as those who representing code R&D) follow AISC's lead. To be truthful, one of the first organizations who have gone the distance to make information available to engineers was the APA and the Wood Industry (CWC, AWC and AF&PA).
Thanks for letting us know Scott. I will also add the announcement to the Structuralist Discussion Forum.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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Subject: Current AISC Activities

AISC has a number of current programs of interest to structural engineers.

1. Email newsletter. AISC is now issuing a twice-a-month email newsletter detailing events (seminars, etc.), new publications, AISC advisories (such as the recent advisory on changes to T, k and k1 dimensions), and general information. To subscribe, visit AISC's website ( and click on the "news from AISC" link under the heading: "Web Site Features."

2. NASCC. Pre-registration deadline for the North American Steel Construction Conference is April 27. Pre-registration saves $50 off the regular rate. Information on the conference can be obtained at AISC's website (, by calling 312/670-8311 or faxing 312/670-5403. Recent graduates can get an even better rate. If you graduated within the past five years, you qualify for a $150 discount!

3. Free publications. The 1999 LRFD Specification for Structural Steel Buildings can now be downloaded for free from the AISC website ( AISC is making an increasing number of publications available at no charge, including: Steel Interchange, LRFD Spec, Construction Management Manual, Essentials of LRFD, AISC Seismic Provisions (and supplement #2), AISC Code of Standard Practice, steel shape availability listing, Steel Tips, Modern Steel Construction, and Bridge Crossings. In addition, the revised Bolt Spec can be downloaded from the RCSC website at

4. Online chats with steel experts. Beginning on June 12, Modern Steel Construction magazine will begin hosting a series of one-hour online chats. The following schedule has been established:

--June 12 at 2 pm CST : Tom Murray on Vibration Design
--June 26 at 2 pm CST: John Ruddy and Socrates Ioannides (Structural Affiliates International, Inc.) on Fire Protection for Steel Structures (including the restrained-unrestrained issue)

--July 10 at 2 pm CST: Mike West (CSD) and Don Moore (Steward Steel) on the AISC Code of Standard Practice
--July 24 at 2 pm CST: Duane Miller (Lincoln Electric) on Welding
--August 7 at 2 pm CST: Peter Birkemoe (Univ. of Toronto and Research Council on Structural Connections) on Bolting

5. Modern Steel Construction magazine. If you have a U.S. mailing address and don't currently have a subscription to Modern Steel Construction, you can sign-up for a free subscription at