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I've been out of the loop for about 2 weeks since a certain internet company went bankrupt. Spent most of the morning catching up on my listserver emails.

Music debates are pointless. Everyone thinks their taste is the best, others are okay, and most others are complete garbage. So here I go anyway ...

Here are my top ten guitar players of all time.

10. BB King ( simple blues, but still awesome)
9. Randy Rhodes - Ozzy Osborne' Band ( 80's pioneer) 

8. Robert Johnson ( The blues Legend)
7. Diamond (now called Dimebag) Darryl - Pantera (Unreal speed and energy)

6. Kirk Hammett - Metallica  (Fast, crisp, and melodic)

5. Jimmy Hendrix - JHE ( First real electric guitar virtuoso , took the instrument to new limits )

4.  Edward Van Halen- Van Halen ( 1st Virtuoso since Page, Master of double picking, technically superior and good song writer)

3.  Slash - Guns N Roses ( Technically adept, great solos and rhythms, incredibly crisp and signature tone)

2.  Stevie Ray Vaughan - SRV  ( An amazingly talented player ... blues & rock)

1.  Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin   (More truly timeless riffs, solos, and songs than anyone else. Not even a close 2nd)

All of these are subsequent to Les Paul. Not only is his signature on my own guitar, not only did he invent the electric guitar and over 20 studio recording techniques, but he had his arm permanently set after is was broken so he could continue playing guitar.

The most overrated ever :

Keith Richards - Rolling Stones (had to cut off the top string he was so clumsy)
Joe Perry - Aerosmith ( Same thing over and over - terrible solos)
Ace Freely - KISS ( One of the truly lame bands of all time - very little musical talent)
Toni Iomi - Black Sabbath ( Slow power chords that you learn the 1st week before your first guitar lesson)
Eric Clapton : A BB King rip off. Couldn't hold Page's guitar bow. He's good, but not great.
99% of all Country & Western Singers : Their back up guys are good, but I figure most of the singers hold a big jumbo sized Martin Guitar just below the necks for show.

Other good players:

Richie Sambora - Bon Jovi ( good choice in a wife too)
Don Felder : Eagles (unheralded)
Angus Young - AC/DC  (classic rock riffs)
Mark Knoffler - DIre Straights
David Gilmore - Pink Floyd

Technically virtuosos whose songs are terrible

Steve Vai - Formerly of David Lee Roth
Yngwei Malmsteen - Solo  Artist
Gary Hoey, Instrumental

Technically virtuosos whose songs are good in sporadic doses:

Joe Satriani, Instrumental  (Teacher of Kirk Hammett & Steve Vai)

Candidate for Amputation so he may never pick up and strum a guitar again :

Tommy Lee - Methods of Mayhem - Formerly of Motley Crue ( Anyone who went to the OZZFEST last year will vouch for that)

Anyway, most of you probably aren't too fond of this brand of music, but to each his own. 

AND yes . . . I use LRFD.

We need to have a baseball, football, and movie discussion along the same lines fairly soon...


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