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RE: Guitar

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>>> dfisher(--nospam--at) 04/16/01 02:13PM >>>

<In my relatives house in England, them's fightn' words!!!!

And a good songwriter?>

In my relatives houses in Northern Ireland, being English is more than enough reason for a fight.  He wrote much of the Who's works. Today however, I think the hearing damage has made him inept.

<With regard to Steve Howe, there was once a little band out of the UK called

Perhaps you remember Starship Trooper?>

I bet you like Styx too. I am little bit more into stuff that has an edge to it.  LAAAAAH      AHHHHHH   LA LA LA   Just kidding....

<Btw....a guy who plays 200 notes a minute isn't necessarily good.

(Ref: "the edge") > 

The edge is just sliding his hand up and down the neck instead of playing traditional chords. His name never enters my mind when I think of guitar players. I would not consider him a guitar player with dexterity by any means.

I agree, reference Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Gary Hoey from my original post. All blow the doors off anyone except maybe Satriani in terms of the sounds they can produce from a guitar, the speed and clarity of each note, yet most of their stuff is crap. Kind of like lipstick on a pig.

<With regard to jazz musicians, Doc Sevrenson and Woody Herman played a lot
of notes....

Not always the right ones, tho...!>

My mom didn't let me stay up too late to listen to Doc. He had some cool jackets though. I know my Music Appreciation teacher in High School used to boast of Doc's ability to hit the high notes on the trumpet.  I thought we were talking about great guitar players. The guitar players I have said are overrated or lousy still have sold lots of albums, toured the world, and made people happy with their limited talent.... I cannot say the same for myself . . . although I can reproduce there sounds when I play along. Unfortunately, engineering and my kids has made my time with my Les Paul almost non-existent for the past 4 years. Hopefully, I'll be back in the garage soon and having the neighbors call the police.


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