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Re: Hoist Capacity

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Mr Gilligan,

	Use not more than 20 k.s.i. for known A36 steel in as new condition
with ALL impact and lateral loading considered.  You should find back up
for this in AISC ASD specification.  18, or 15 k.s.i. would not be too
low for unknown steel.  More important are possible defects including
welding flaws which must be detected by inspection.


				H. Daryl Richardson,

> Chic Gilligan wrote:
> Looking for a practical approach for setting a limit on some existing
> hoists.  Spans are in the 7' to 7'-6" range for an S6x12.5, with the
> crane capacity of 1 ton installed. Crane is hung from the bottom
> flange, so there is the tendency to self right itself against lateral
> buckling of the compression flange.  Total rail length is about 20'
> with no actual bracing of the compression flange.  Any thoughts on
> allowable Fb?  Thanks.
> Chic Gilligan, PE
> Brielle, NJ

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