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FWIW, "Yes" was QUITE "edgy" in its time. My favorite of theirs is still
"Relayer". Steve Howe's comping on that album is quite complex.

Also, there are certain guitarists that I 'like' even though I know they
aren't technically astute. I have to say that I have always enjoyed "The
Edge" in that category. I have to admit it: I remember U2 when they were
fresh and new, and I don't have the attitude toward them that I guess you're
supposed to have.

Two more guitarists that no one has mentioned, that I'd put in a "top ten"

Robert Fripp and Andy Summers.

Fripp's work speaks for itself, but I don't think Summers got the credit he
deserved for the work he did both with The Police and afterward. He is quite

I have an old cassette tape of Summers' solo work "I Advance Masked" which
features Robert Fripp; the two did quite a lot of work together.

So if I mention Fripp, I gotta mention Adrian Belew.

And if I mention Adrian Belew it makes me think of Adrian Legg.

And so on and on we go...

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