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Re: California PE Vs SE requirements

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Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 1:06 PM
Subject: RE: California PE Vs SE requirements

> The problem is that we have plan checkers that are not even
> engineers and they call themselves plan check engineers and they might not
> catch it if some one uses 0.007W as the base shear of a low period
> located 1/2 km to the actual San Andreas fault?
You have just hit on one of the true absurdities of our profession, and a
personal pet peeve of mine.

First off, most of the plan check engineers I have encountered on this list
(yourself, Scott, Ben) have impressed me with their knowledge and attitude.
My question is where are you when I am submitting plans? :-)

I routinely (every third or fourth project) run into plan check "engineers"
who ask the most inane questions or out of left field questions.  The lack
of education, experience, and just plain common sense is not only apparent,
it is alarming.  I find myself in the position of having to provide the
"engineering 101" lecture series response (apart from the numerous "please
read the drawings", or "please see the calculations", or "I'm sorry, but
there isn't any wood framing on this project, maybe you have me confused
with someone else" responses).  The fact that the individual on the other
end of the questions has never designed anything in their life is brutally
apparent.  If these individuals are not engineers and have no engineering
background, where the hell do they get off calling themselves plancheck
engineers? If an EIT calls himself a project engineer or staff engineer on
his business card he is technically in violation of the PE Act. The same
should apply to the plan check "engineer".  How can an individual who is not
an engineer be expected to review engineering?

I will climb off my soap box now.

Paul Feather PE

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