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Re: California PE Vs SE requirements

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Unfortunately where I work (rural northern California and Nevada) this type
of plancheck "engineer" is the norm, not the exception.  Most of the time
these people are not engineers at all.  I frequently I ask the question that
you posed at the end of your post, it doesn't help.  Can you imagine a
doctor having to get a second opinion from the orderly at the hospital, and
then, having to debate the treatment with him?  I envy those folks who have
the pleasure of regularly working with real professionals at building
departments.   Please stay on your soap box.

Randy Vogelgesang S.E.

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> I routinely (every third or fourth project) run into plan check
> who ask the most inane questions or out of left field questions.  The lack
> of education, experience, and just plain common sense is not only
> it is alarming.  I find myself in the position of having to provide the
> "engineering 101" lecture series response (apart from the numerous "please
> read the drawings", or "please see the calculations", or "I'm sorry, but
> there isn't any wood framing on this project, maybe you have me confused
> with someone else" responses).  The fact that the individual on the other
> end of the questions has never designed anything in their life is brutally
> apparent.  If these individuals are not engineers and have no engineering
> background, where the hell do they get off calling themselves plancheck
> engineers? If an EIT calls himself a project engineer or staff engineer on
> his business card he is technically in violation of the PE Act. The same
> should apply to the plan check "engineer".  How can an individual who is
> an engineer be expected to review engineering?
> I will climb off my soap box now.
> Paul Feather PE

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