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Structural Engineers in the News

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IIRC, there was a segment on one of the TV news magazine shows about the 
hazards in warehouse type stores.  The hazard was not from earthquakes or 
overloaded racks, but from high stacked, unstable storage, people being 
permitted to use aisles where forklifts are retrieving items from the racks, 
and forklifts dislodging high stacked items onto an adjacent aisle.

When I was in a warehouse type store not too long ago (I don't remember if it 
was a Costco or Home Depot), they closed off the aisle in which a forklift 
was operating, but the adjacent aisles were open.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gerard Madden wrote:

. > Last Thursday in the San Jose Mercury News and on Friday in the San 
. > Francisco Chronicle, there were articles discussing the Storage Rack Issue
. > that recently came up. Mr. Peter Higgins is quoted in the Mercury News 
. > Article.

. > One sad tale is in the Chronicle article where a women testified that her
. > young daughter was killed when a rack failed and she was crushed to death,
. > even though she was 20 feet away from the rack itself. The rack was
. > overloaded, no earthquake. I know I'll be thinking when I'm in a Home 
. > Depot next time underneath the quickcrete pallets stored at the roof. Hey
. > Peter, please tell me you did the racks at the Santa Clara Home Depot :)

. > Anyway, they are short but interesting articles and I just wanted to say 
. > good job to Peter for his efforts and his public comments so the average 
. > lay person is aware of the problem and how engineers are trying to fix 
. > them.

Hopefully they can be read on the newspapers websites.

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