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rebar corrosion

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Federal Highway Authority conducted corrosion tests on more than 50 
'types' of rebars in late 90's ; among the 10 'solid metallic' rebars
was one "CORROSION RESISTANT STEEL ALLOY BAR". Can any one give the full
chemical composition of the steel tested and how it performed ?

Earlier, the Building Research Establishment in UK had tested a whole lot
of rebars including a cor-ten type of weathering steel, which was
pronounced unsuitable in concrete. I wonder if FHWA tested something


Prakash C.Chowdhury, B.Sc(Surrey), Ph.D.(N'cle),
Regional Resident Representative, Torsteel Research Foundation in India,H-1A, Hauz Khas,New Delhi - 110 016, INDIA. 
E-Mail : pcchowdhury(--nospam--at)

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