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RE: SF-reading engineers

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L. E. Modesitt's Recluse mega-series is a great SF/Fantasy characterization
of engineers.  His hero's seem to explore the various engineering
personality types.  In two series of the books (The Magic Engineer and The
Fall of Angels), an Engineer is the main character.   In the Magic Engineer,
Dorin, the main character, is a black smith who loves to invent. In the Fall
of Angels, a starship crashes onto a medieval planet.  The ship's engineer
must then make things for their survival.  In the other series, the main
character is not directly an engineer but he/she is definitely one of the
engineering personality types.

This has become my favorite series.  Well, mega-series, it is actually 5
sets of 2-3 book series.  The author has a very good understanding of
technology levels and is a master of character development.  I think they
could use these books in a psychology course.

I have actually met Leo Frankowski.  At that time, about 4 years ago, he was
a practicing engineer in the Detroit area.

Mark Jones

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Besides the good ones listed,  I have to nominate the Cross Time Engineer. 
It is one of the better engineer protagonist SF characters/story.  The Cross

Time Engineer by Leo Frankowski . 

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