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A490 Bolts and Correct Washers

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Charlie and Heath,

At first glance, I just figured the author was referring to a PRETENSIONED
application.  I was feeling confident and called to help the author out
with his "serious" problem.  Once on the phone, he informed me that it
was a SNUG-TIGHT connection.

I immediately flipped through the RCSC manual, 1994 and 2000, for the
correct washer for the application.  In '94, section 7.(c)(6), it does
mention the word "tightened", I think that would imply PRETENSIONED???
 In 2000, 6.1. refers to 6.1.2,  which allows for F436 washer OR 5/16"
thick common plate washer.  Would this be installers choice and would
that be a HARDENED plate washer???

Charlie and Heath, the way some of this is written it seems to be open
for interpretation by the reader.  Can you please make RCSC's intentions
clear for me?  Also, does the 2000 manual become retroactive for all current
projects started before 2000?  What about field inspection on projects
built and still not fully inspected before the 2000 manual, what manual

Christofer Curven
Field Bolting Assistant