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2000 NEHRP

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Scott Haan and others have made some posts recently about the IBC and have mentioned 2000 NEHRP Provisions. I am assuming that since you are a plan checker & likely a member of ICBO, that you received an advance copy. I was wondering if there is a web page or something that we could download or look at to review for ourselves.

Specifically, I am interested in the Perforated Shear Wall Methods are based on the 2000 NEHRP provisions (according to recent posts). The only examples I have of this method are in SDM 2 & a HUD publication. I am interested in gaining a better understanding of the perf walls and it seems that the 2000 NEHRP is the place to look. There is a publication from 1995 from the NDS people "Wood Frame Construction Manual" but I am wondering if it is still current.

The benefits of a long commute on a train is you have plenty of time to read ... 

Any help is appreciated in obtaining current criteria and design examples. Thanks.


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