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RE: SF-reading engineers

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Nah, it's the worms. :)  Last year I went back and re-read the series as a
prelude to House Atreides.   I like the books up to God Emperor but had to
stop slogging through Heretics of Dune.  I figured that I could skip
anything past that since it was 10,000 years in the future.  I then started
House Atreides.  Completely different style (better, not so subtle) but with
all depth of the Dune universe.  For those who struggled through Dune, read
House Atreides and it's sequel, House Harkonnen, which are prologues to
Dune.  I just finished House Harkonnen.  WOW!  For those of us who aren't as
sly and crafty as Frank, his son really exposes the depth of the politics
and intrigue that is hidden in Dune.

Mark Jones

-Forrest Braun [mailto:fbraun(--nospam--at)] wrote:

It's the spice, man.  You don't remember the 60's either, hm.  

Structuralist wrote:
> I don't know, I've had a lot of trouble getting into Dune. Frank Herbert
> isn't the most exciting writer I can think of. I just bought the Sci-Fi
> Channels 3 or 4 part series "Dune" and although the graphics are great
> the story (as was the original movie as well as my experience with the
> was difficult to get into.
> What is the magic with Dune?

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