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Re: Gaps between plywood sheathing

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Intended wood structural panel sheathing installation, measured from centerline of 2x framing:
1/16" panel edge gap (one-half of 1/8" spacing between panels)
3/8" panel edge nailing distance (minimum)
5/16" framing edge nailing distance
Total = 3/4" or one-half of 1-1/2" thick framing member.

In LA, shear wall requirements dictate 1/2" panel edge nailing distance,  instead of 3/8" as above, when shear loads exceed 300 or 350 plf. In this case, the framing thickness must be increased to 3x where panel edges occur on the same framing member. At top and bottom plates of walls, there is adequate framing thickness at these locations to provide 3/4" panel edge nailing distance in most instances, so 2x framing usually is adequate, although the IBC and UBC may dictate 3x framing for these applications. The extra edge distance improves lateral nail resistance against "pull out" through panel edges, if nail forces are perpendicular or at an angle to the panel edges, as sometimes occurs near corners of sheathing panels.

John Rose/APA (retired)

Michael Bryson wrote:

Typically you install sheathing with a 1/8" gap between sheets to allow for some expansion, correct? If the sheets are supported by a 2x framing member, how do you get your edge distance for a 10d nail?