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Re: Gaps between plywood sheathing

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There are several problems.  If everything is perfect, the only way to get the
required 3/8" edge distance with a 2x framing member is to eliminate the 1/8"
gap. With a gap, the best you can do is slant the nails--it looks like 3/8" at
the plywood surface and probably is 3/8" at the stud face.  Typically the
carpenters never gap the sheathing because the after a few panels the gaps have
accumulated enough to screw up the framing layout. If APA practiced what it
preaches, their tests would incorporate the 1/8" on their tests and the reduced
edge distance would be included in the test results--who knows.
Some people claim that the buckling "problem" is non existent, others routinely
blame stucco cracking problems on the lack of gaps.
3x studs at the panel edges makes the problems go away--if you could convince
the carpenters to change their ways.
Chuck Utzman

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