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Light Frame Design Forum

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I have started a new forum on the Structuralist.Net for those of you who are designing residential wood framed structures and who have questions or as confused as most of us on the best way to model your building. Whether you use a proprietary program or are doing analysis manually, there are questions as how best to model buildings with skewed walls, conflicts in redundancy issues, portions of the building that are non-orthogonal, portions on hillsides and much much more.
I have decided not to require registration on the Structuralist.Net for this forum but will watch closely to avoid Spam and other solicitations. This will allow the user to create their own topics of discussion. The purpose is to discuss all of the questions that many of us struggle with when designing irregular structures. I would hope that some of the results of these threads is to develop a standard of compliance that can be adopted and used by others. On a broader sense, resolving some of these issues in a professional forum will help software developers create appropriate tools that translate our ideas into code.
This forum also encourages those of you interested in promoting simplified alternative methods as this may be one very viable solution for residences three stories or less. I invite all engineers who are designing custom residential homes and who have questions or concerns on design methodologies to participate in this forum.
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