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RE: Gaps between plywood sheathing

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I just grabbed the first APA publication in my timber file drawer, which is
the APA Product Guide for Performance Rated Panels.  This publication is a
January 1986 issue:

Under Panel Size and Spacing:

"Recommended spacings between panels are 1/8 inch at end joints and 1/4
inch at edge joints for APA RATED SHEATHING and 1/8 inch at both ends and
edges for APA RATED STURD-I-FLOOR, unless otherwise recommended by the
manufacturer."  (Capitol letters are as published. )

I know that my firm went through all the causes of the buckling problems
that we encountered in installed sheathing.

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates

At 09:40 PM 4/18/2001 -0700, Structuralist wrote:
>While others are agreeing with the 1/8" spacing for plywood, I've only read
>the standard for OSB which requires the gap. I don't recall anything in the
>APA documents either on leaving expansion joints for plywood panels.
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>> The numbers do not add up and I have never seen anything in APA lit. to
>> address this issue.  Engineering Judgment.
>> George Richards, P. E.
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>> Typically you install sheathing with a 1/8" gap between sheets to
>> allow for
>> some expansion, correct? If the sheets are supported by a 2x
>> framing member,
>> how do you get your edge distance for a 10d nail?

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