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RE: A490 Bolts and Correct Washers

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Title: RE: A490 Bolts and Correct Washers

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Subject: RE: A490 Bolts and Correct Washers


>>At first glance, I just figured the author was referring to a PRETENSIONED
>>application.  I was feeling confident and called to help the author out.
>>Once on the phone, he informed me that it
>>was a SNUG-TIGHT connection.
>>I immediately flipped through the RCSC manual, 1994 and 2000, for the
>>correct washer for the application.  In '94, section 7.(c)(6), it does
>>mention the word "tightened", I think that would imply PRETENSIONED???

>That implication was not intended. The ambiguity that is occasionally found in previous editions of the RCSC Specification has been clarified in the 2000 version. We >were painstakingly consistent (at least I hope we were) in using proper and consistent terminology throughout. No more use of ambiguous terms like tightened.

Just to clear something up…7(c)(6) in the 1994 Spec. applies to pretensioned bolts with an oversize or short-slotted hole in the outer ply.  To me, Charlie’s response indicated that it applied to snug-tight bolts and it does not. Just in case others read it the same way I did.