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Re: Adobe acrobat 5.0 STOP!!!

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>>I just loaded acrobat 5.0 It no longer will capture images to text!!!! 
>>ADOBE now wants you to send you file to thier site to be captured, for a 
>>fee!!! It no longer will interpret tif files!!!!
Half true. The capture plugin isn't included but the Adobe site 
translation is free to Acrobat owners. Non-owners can do 3 full scans per 
day. It's also probably fair to mention that you can handle tiffs the way 
you always handle TIFFS and any other file--print it to a pdf and add 
that to your PDF document. 

Actually, I thought the paper capture plug-in needed a lot of work 
anyway--free site capture seems OK to me. It would be nice to have a 
choice, though. If I were doing a lot of that, I'd probably want good 
solid OCR software, unless the plug-in were a lot better than the present 
Paper Capture. 

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