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Re: Guitar

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Speaking for myself, I'm not sure I heard someone refer to me as cultured because I like Metallica (well the "Old" Stuff). But yes, Most of the guitar enthusiasts so far seem to have a great deal of knowledge about the greats you don't hear on your way to work on the radio. I know how to play, what I like, and appreciate the ins and outs of a well made guitar.

Therefore, I will voluntarily removed my named from the cultured list due to my musical tastes . After all, I watch wrestling too and attended one XFL Game (mostly because I love to stare at the framing of Pac Bell Park).

By the way, I think the Sci-Fi discussion really eliminated any of the gains we made breaking the stereotypes of engineers in the guitar thread :-)


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Enough with the guitars already.  I can't believe there are so many engineers oozing with so much culture.  My image of an engineer is being shattered.  I thought we were supposed to be the grunting geeks in the back that make everyone's problems go away, not some sophisiticated socialite complete with all knowledge both technical and cultural.

But I guess we are engineers, and we can do anytning if you apply ourselves.

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