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RE: Signs of Spring

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Title: RE: Signs of Spring


Your link appears to be dead, so I'll just have to guess ......

Let's see now, suburb of Houston, new lawn, hot, humid, probably raining, is it ......

1]  A 6" Cockroach? (probably named Katy)

2]  A 6' Snake? (probably a Cottonmouth)

3]  A big, ugly, hairy, Tarantula?

4]  A 4' diameter Fire Ant mound?

5]  A Scorpion?

6]  An old, rusty hubcap?

7]  An old, baby blue Houston Oilers foam hand?

8]  A patch a 6' high Black-eyed Susans?

9]  Genuine, indestructible, Johnson Grass?

10] Somebody who's been shot?

My mind is really spinning now, but I give up in utter frustration.

Stan Caldwell in Dallas
(far away from Houston)

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Subject: Signs of Spring

Ah, the wonderful signs of spring!

The Robin Red-Breast, the Meadowlark!

Of course, I live in Southeast Texas, so we have our own peculiar signs.

Click below to see the charming fellow I found in my (newly seeded and
sprouting) backyard not an hour ago:

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