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AISC Latest Move

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Title: AISC Latest Move

Dennis Wish recently wrote:

"While on the subject, AISC's latest move was (you may not realize) monumental.  For those who did not know, they started to release some of their documents for free download on their website.  When I see an organization represent and support the design community, my first thought is "This is where I should be paying the money I put aside to support my profession" and I am more apt to join that organization - you do something nice for me and I'll show you my appreciation."

Dear Dennis:

Apparently, you have been spending too much time thinking about old guitarists and science fiction novels, and have not been doing your usually thorough job of monitoring organizational behavior.  AISC's latest moves will probably not make you very happy.  They have recently started quietly contacting the vendors of popular structural engineering design software and demanding a royalty for every copy sold/licensed, based on the inclusion of their beloved section data.  Thus, you may soon be faced with a choice.  Buy the data one time from AISC, and force-fit it yourself into your commercial design software, or pay an upcharge to each of your software vendors whenever you buy new or upgraded versions of their programs that continue to include the section data.  With that knowledge, has your appreciation of AISC been altered?

Have a nice day!

Stan Caldwell in Dallas