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RE: Signs of Spring

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I'm no herpetologist, but I do believe that is a good 'ol Cotton Mouth

I was a bit leery about approaching him, because Cotton Mouths are a little
unique among the poisonous snakes, in that they are AGGRESSIVE!

I'll never forget my cousin, when he and I were fishing one day in a marshy
pond in Georgia (I was about eight). He was walking ahead of me, and
suddenly gave a yell and started running back my way. I was a little guy, so
what scared him (a big, strapping fourteen-year-old farmboy at the time) I
definitely wasn't going to hang around to see.

Turned out he came up on a moccasin with a catfish in his mouth. When the
snake saw him, he dropped the fish and headed for the boy!

We outran him, of course, but it illustrates how ornery they can be.

It's a bit cool the last few days here in Houston ("cool" meaning high of
70, low in the upper 50s) so this guy was kinda sluggish. There's a creek
over my back fence, and he went under the fence and into the creek area.

I let him go. I'd rather a moccasin out THERE, than field mice in HERE!

OH, and he was kinda short for a moccasin, only about two feet, but look at
how FAT he is! There's good eatin' back there in that creek floodway!

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Wow!  About how long and what kind?

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