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RE: Signs of Spring

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Title: RE: Signs of Spring
He was kinda small--but FAT!  I'm about 95% sure he's a Cottonmouth. Sure brings back fond memories!
As for the backyard, that's kinda misleading, since they put a (very)sandy clay fill back there to slope it for drainage. The creek behind my fence (where this li'l fellow was headed when I snapped his pitcher) is one o' those USACE drainage projects, and I'm sure none of our runoff is allowed directly back there, so they had to build up the yard pretty substantially toward the back.
I'm surprised I'm getting the grass to grow as well as it is. I put down starter fertilizer and Bermudagrass seed (I'm so sick of St. Augustine I could choke!), and it seems to be doing o.k. (considering I don't know what the h*** I'm doing!)
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I finally fought my way onto your site.  You should have explained to the readers that, by Texas standards, your new pet is merely a baby.  Just wait until his/her mother shows up!

By the way, nice lawn!  To me, it looks more like Galveston or Padre Island than Katy.

Stan Caldwell
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