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RE: In Re: "The ICC and NFPA's Tug Of War"

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The heck you say!

I attended a meeting a couple of years back, trying to clear up a dispute
between an engineer who was reviewing an old building design from about ten
years previous that our firm had done, to try to see if it would have to be
retrofitted to meet the FEMA emergency management facility requirements. He
claimed that our "rebar embedments" were sorely lacking.

This guy was bout a hundred years old, and the other fellow from our firm
was about a hundred and two.

They started arguing about "rebar bond strengths".

I interrupted at one point and politely commented that I thought their
argument was moot, since "rebar bond strengths" had been out of the ACI code
since about the late 1960s.

They both stopped, looked at me, mouths agape, looked each other, shook
their heads, and continued right on with their argument as if I had never

The Chicago building code would doubtless be "radical" to these guys.

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