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RE: AISC Latest Move

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Title: RE: AISC Latest Move

Dear Jimmy....

My information comes directly from the vendors of some our industry's most popular structural engineering software.  Many or most listserv readers use this software.  They called me in confidence seeking my advice.  I would tell you who called, but then I would have to shoot you.  I will tell you that they are really upset with AISC, and are looking for creative legal and technical avenues to avoid adding a surcharge for the AISC database.  I advised them to contact their competitors, the other leading structural software vendors, and stand united in their resistance.


Honest Stan in Dallas
Always tell the truth.  That way,
you don't have to remember what you said!

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Subject: Re: AISC Latest Move

    <<  AISC's latest moves will probably not make you very happy.  They
have recently started quietly contacting the vendors of popular structural
engineering design software and demanding a royalty for every copy
sold/licensed, based on the inclusion of their beloved section data.   >>

Not to cast doubts as to the veracity of your statement, but your aspersions
cry out for some form of documentation here.  You have such?  Perhaps
Charlie Carter could comment on this?

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)