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>I'm gathering the facts to respond to the allegations made regarding the
>AISC shapes database.
Seems like there are two points that should clear this up. (BTW, I'm 
agnostic on the side of the AISC in all this. I've seen a lot of it with 
the ASME Code.) First, if the AISC has paid for the work that goes into 
the tables, they can say who uses the information. And regardless of 
where it came from, I think the work of the AISC is worthwhile enough 
that it needs to be supported financially--if software developers are 
making money by pasting AISC Code provisions in their software, they owe 
the AISC something. I don't live on altruism and pure intentions and I 
don't believe the AISC should either. (Leaving out my ambivalence about 
LRFD for the time being ;->)

Of course like many I also pray daily that Code books, computer software 
and technical specifications will someday grow on trees, and not just 
every tree, but trees that are hardy enough to grow in my yard and grow 
damn fast at that. So what do you do?

Christopher Wright P.E.    |"They couldn't hit an elephant from
chrisw(--nospam--at)        | this distance"   (last words of Gen.
___________________________| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)

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