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Re: DSA & EOR's stamp

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Seal only your work product.  Whoever prepared calculations on the space
frame should seal the drawings that relate to the space frame.

I have placed my seal on architectural drawing sets in which I was
responsible for only a portion, for instance the foundation.  In which case,
below the seal I write "FOUNDATION ONLY."

John P. Riley, PE, SE
Riley Engineering
20 Oakwood Drive, Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
Tel & Fax:  319-381-3949

 We are designing a school project in Los Angeles area which includes a new
pavilion (pre-fab steel space frame over the concrete. columns).

The space frame manufacturer designed (using their in-house computer
program), stamped, and signed the space frame drawings/calculations.

We (the engineer of record) designed, stamped, and signed OTHER structural

Now the DSA required us (the Engineer of Record) to put our stamp and
signature over the space frame design!!

How you handle this situation?


P.S. Just like "Will you put your stamp & signature over the VULCRAFT steel
joists/girders design drawings/calculation?"

James Lin, SE
IDS, Inc.

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