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RE: Signs of Spring

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Title: RE: Signs of Spring
I just can't bring myself to kill 'em, they're so darn purty.
I hear what you're saying, but I think we just leave the creek to the snakes, and the snakes may cede to us everything that AIN'T creek.
FWIW, someone (don't remember if it was here) said "oh, they don't eat rodents, they eat fish." I know they eat fish, but fish are NOT warm-blooded, and mocs are PIT VIPERS which means they have those little heat-seekers on the side of their heads. I think the nuisance of field mice and other rodents is more immedate than the danger from the moc.
Just my opinion, though. I do believe the solemn duty of a man to kill a snake came handed down to us from women, who aren't really rational where reptiles are concerned anyway.

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 ... then we killed him (the snake, not the neighbor) in our traditional fashion.