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RE: AISC Latest Move

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Title: AISC Latest Move
Bill and Stan,
It is my understanding, also from a private source, that AISC has always required a Fee or Royalty to be paid by software developers who use their database. I'd be careful suggesting that this was being done as an after thought to collect more money - there just isn't enough software out there to make a difference.
If the developer obtained a copy of the database as I had, downloaded from the Internet, and used it without understanding their obligation to support copyrighted materials, then AISC was in their right to remind them.
I think the issue is not to criticize AISC as much as it to entice them into understanding the needs of the engineering and providing support through the open use of the database. I would be more apt to become a member of AISC or any other organization (within financial limits) who promote representation of those entrusted to design the materials or use the codes they create. I don't particularly like the idea of selling a book that is required for design and holding the price with little or no concern for the affect that price (combined with other references will have on the small or independent offices.
AISC open the door to change - let's see how far they are willing to go and how many engineers reciprocate by supporting membership in exchange for sharing information online.
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Subject: RE: AISC Latest Move

Y'know, the bad thing about this is, I wonder if our discussions on this list had anything to do with this? I distinctly recall discussing this very thing many times in the last year or so!

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Subject: AISC Latest Move

They have recently started quietly contacting the vendors of popular structural engineering design software and demanding a royalty for every copy sold/licensed, based on the inclusion of their beloved section data.