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RE: AISC Latest Move

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I thank AISC for getting advisories of changed design information out in a
timely manner. I was unaware that the rolling mills had modified the k
>From time-to-time mills need to make changes to provide a better product and
compete. The design community has no other way of knowing when changes are
made, unless AISC releases information.
Years ago, the mills would provide the information (including
manuals)directly to the design community. This practice stopped when
Competition from off-shore producers became intense and domestic mills cut
cost to compete. AISC allows all the mills to share the design information
I do not know the cost of producing the AISC Manual and do not have any idea
what AISC's profit is. But, the cost seems reasonable considering the
content. It seems that each professional organization (ACI, AISC, ASCE, AWS,
CRSI, ICC, ICBO, BOCA, PCA, and others) make a profit from the sale of
publications. Code wise, it was not a big problem when the material codes
were published in the Building Code. Now structural engineers must fund a
continuing annual expense to keep our design publications up to date. 
I think some engineers are finally getting angry. Lets hope that the anger
will not be demonstrated by pugnacious and demeaning behavior. 
Bill Scott, P.E., S.E. 
Principal Engineer 
VECO Alaska, Inc. 
949 E. 36th Street 
Anchorage, AK  99508 
Phone 907-762-1655, FAX 907-762-1734 

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>they change 
>the "k" dimensions so we, plus every detailer in the country, have to buy 
>new books... 

Entirely false. 

We became aware that mills had changed their rolling practices and that
engineers, fabricators, detailers and others were being affected by the
fit-up (or lack thereof) for details with sensitivity to the sizes of the
fillets. We initially attempted to reverse this change in mill practices.
When that avenue was not possible, we did the advisory so you would;t get
caught with your pants down on a misfit.

Besides, even if I wanted to sell you a book with the new T, k and k1
dimensions right now I couldn't. Now if we had held the advisory until a new
publication were available, I could see why you'd suspect what you said, but
really. Come on!


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