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You're kind of mixing things here a little.  There is a difference
between a trade organization AISC, ASCE, ASTM, APA, AITC, ACI, SDI, SJI
ad nausium (sp?), and manufacturers, Trusjoist McMillan, Vulcraft,
Verco, Simpson that latin word above.  The manufacturer's will give
their literature away so that we will specifiy thier product and they
make thier money that way.  The associations only make money by selling
thier information.  SDI and SJI manuals are not free.  Some support to
underwrite the costs of publication may come from the associated
manufacturers but not all.  AISC, for example, used to receive
considerable support from the steel mills but due to the global economy
and the large amount of foreign steel that support is greatly
diminished.  Therefore, we the users of the end product need to pick up
the costs formerly covered by industry.

Of course, now that the IBC has included the various materials by
reference and then modified various sections to suit thier own ideas of
what is best, we the designers and plan reviewers must expend more funds
to buy the IBC plus all of the referenced manuals.  Then we have to
spend the extra time to annotate the manuals.

Maybe Chicago have the right idea - pick a code and stay with it - kind
of the Alaskan way - We don't care how they do it out side.

"Haan, Scott M." wrote:
> I think it goes beyond who created the database.  If I wanted people to use
> the material I was promoting I would help them design it easily.  It is like
> I mentioned a couple e-mails back, bar joist load tables are free, steel
> deck load tables are free, steel stud and joist load tables - design
> properties are free, wood I-joist design guides are free, and everybody
> knows how to calculate wood section properties and reinforcement areas.
> I am perfectly willing to buy a finite element modeling program that does
> code checking with the cost of the database hidden in the price.  It just
> seems that it would be useful in promoting steel design if the section
> properties were free. Like the other dude said anyone who wants to spend a
> day can type them in, but there will probably be a couple dozen errors.  I
> have more time than money.
> If I get gouged an extra $200 when I pay my RISA maintenance agreement this
> fall I now know where to complain to.
> Respectfully,
> Scott M Haan P.E.
> Plan Review Engineer
> Building Safety Division
> Development Services Department
> Municipality of Anchorage
> phone:907-343-8183  fax:907-249-7399
> mailto:haansm(--nospam--at)

Forrest T. Braun, P.E.
BBFM Engineers, Inc.
Ph (907)274-2236
Fx (907)274-2520
Anchorage, Alaska

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