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RE: AISC Latest Move

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Title: RE: AISC Latest Move
   While I am not a lawyer, I do believe that if you do not defend a copyright/patent/trademark within a certain time or let it fall into general use (e.g. Monopoly) then it is null and void.  Given the length of time these programs have been out, AISC may have waited too long.
Mark Jones
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Subject: RE: AISC Latest Move

Dear Jimmy....

My information comes directly from the vendors of some our industry's most popular structural engineering software.  Many or most listserv readers use this software.  They called me in confidence seeking my advice.  I would tell you who called, but then I would have to shoot you.  I will tell you that they are really upset with AISC, and are looking for creative legal and technical avenues to avoid adding a surcharge for the AISC database.  I advised them to contact their competitors, the other leading structural software vendors, and stand united in their resistance.


Honest Stan in Dallas