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Forrest Braun wrote:
> I whole heartedly agree with Paul on this issue.  AISC's Journal, for
> example, is much more practical than ASCE's or ACI's Structural Journals

Good points. AISC's Modern Steel Construction is an excellent value, and
the AISC Engineering Journal is unique, as far as I can tell, in that it
will frequently have articles of actual use to a practicing engineer. 

Also, I'm sure everyone on this list is aware that AISC provides a very
valuable service (in the person of Charlie Carter) by answering many of
the steel questions that are posted here.  All you have to do is put
AISC in the message header and you'll get a bite from Charlie Carter.
You don't see a similar ACI, SJI, SDI, etc., representative here. I
can't tell if CC is doing this on his on, or if his efforts are
officially sanctioned by AISC, but I sure appreciate his contributions.
I have noticed recently that his presence is less frequent after the
heat that AISC has drawn here on several issues (going back a couple of
months to the discussion of the new AISC Code of Standard Practice). He
is only human and I'm sure there are times when he must feel his efforts
are unappreciated.  I would like to say that I'm sure that everyone,
even the AISC critics, value his contributions.

As far as the sections database goes, this is America, I am a capitalist
through and through, and I believe that AISC can charge whatever they
want to for their property. The question is, why would they want to?  I
assume they are a non-profit organization, so theoretically they should
only be concerned about covering their costs while they accomplish their
primary mission of promoting the use of steel. I would love to see them
post a free spreadsheet of the section properties on their web site so
me and everyone else could use it to our hearts' content for steel
design. Seems like a win-win situation. So some software companies make
some money off of it indirectly, so what? Nobody is using the section
properties to compete with AISC, they are only being used to design more
steel structures, right?

Rick Burch

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