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NEW POSTING - General Notes and Specifications for Concrete Crack repair, Spalling Repair and Coatings and finishes (Word 2000 format)

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We have just added three sections of specifications for Concrete Crack repair, Concrete Spalling Repair and for Concrete Finishes and Coatings - written in CSI format and donated to the Structuralist.Net General Notes and Specifications Forum at:"">
The notes are available in DOC (MS Word) format and zipped for download.  If you received this message in plain text, you may need to copy the hyperlink URL address to your browsers address line. Make sure that you are copying the entire link starting with http: and ending with SID=1650. Leave no spaces or line returns.
My appreciation to Bill Polhemus, SE for his contribution. If you would like to provide specifications for posting on our site, please submit them to me with a brief paragraph explaining the general note or specification. I will post them on the site. Send your contribution to me at admin(--nospam--at)

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