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Cross-posting the AEC-Residential and SEAINT Listservices

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Many of us (myself included) have been cross-posting to both listservices in order to "cover-our-bases" when asking technical questions related to wood design. I think this adds too many redundant messages to the SEAINT board and loses some of the discussion continuity in the process. I would suggest that AEC List members refrain from cross-posting unless the responses on the AEC list are insufficient. If the subject is other than wood or cold-form steel (such as foundations, moment frames etc) then by all means seek information from the SEAINT list where you will most likely receive a more diverse response.
If you design Wood and Light-gauge (Cold-Form) steel buildings I invite you to join the AEC-List or participate on the Structuralist.Net professional forum Bulletin Board Message Forum (see below). You may subscribe to the AEC list in either full Listservice mode (about 10 to 30 emails a day) or in Digest format (one message per day). To subscribe, visit our AutoList Website at: for full descriptions of the Listservices and automated List subscribing (and unsubscribing) services.
We are stepping up our Technical discussions of creative wood design design. These discussion will be held on both the AEC List as well as on our Structuralist.Net Professional Forum Bulletin Board Message Forum located at:
As I would like to promote more topics on the AEC List and suggest closer ties with those who represent the broader range of AEC members (Architects, Engineers, Builders, Inspectors and Building officials) I am inviting those who would like to participate. Please begin refraining from cross-posting (sending posts to both lists that you belong to). The number of messages coming from both lists combined are reaching nearly 80 a day and taking up a lot of time to sort. As a convenience, I will summarize the topics placed on the AEC list and post them to a permanent place on the Bulletin Board once they are closed out. This will make them available to SEAINT members as well as those outside who are visiting the Structuralist.Net web services.
Your comments are welcome - please send them to me directly at admin(--nospam--at) .

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