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AISC Latest Move - Different View Point

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Greg stated :

>>>1. Since AISC owns the copyright for the material database and the
information in the steel manuals then they should be allowed to provide the
information for free or for a charge.  Seems like even typing the
information from the copyrighted manual would still be an infringement of
their copyright (if they wanted to pursue it)... I am no lawyer
though...just my opinion.<<<

It is not a given  that AISC can copyright the member properties data.  It
is well established that you cannot copy raw data such as that in the phone
directory.  I would classify the member dimensions the same as phone
numbers.  All of the arguments that AISC has put forth could equally apply
to the phone books.  The reason that I am emphasising the comparison to
phone books is because this issue has been clearly established by case law.

AISC can copyright the steel manual and the codes and standards.  They can
probably also copyright the format in which the data is presented, as long
as it is not the only possible format, but they cannot copyright the member
dimension data itself.

By threatening legal action AISC is creating a lot of ill will and undoing
a lot of the good done by their staff such as Charlie Carter.

Mark Gilligan

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