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RE: In Re: "The ICC and NFPA's Tug Of War"

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>I miss the days of working in the UK...

The British Standard Codes are very good (I Think)...<

If you liked the UK, you'd love NZ. The entire code takes up about half a
page in the law books. Something about building for at least 50 years, and
how you certify a design. That's it guys, and NZ has some serious
seismic/wind loads. You might also note that there aren't any reports of
things failing in droves down there. Kind of like the good old days of
Pharoh, Moses and Caesar when there weren't any codes at all. Maybe the
lawyers are responsible. After all, how could you sue in NZ if you had to
wait up to 50 years to collect?

Peter Higgins, SE

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