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RE: Q: OSB vs. Plywood

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I don't recommend OSB for floor applications. The swelling characteristics from moisture are more extreme than plywood and therefore is usually disastrous for floors.

James Allen, P.E.

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You are right!
I use it quite extensively. However, when I get into high shear, close nailing
(2"o.c.) requirements, I then change to plywood, because I am not comfortable to
see nail heads splitting those 'peels' left and right regardless what they say
its comparable grade as good as plywood.
Chris Tse
Sunnyvale, CA

Bill Polhemus wrote:

> As some of you may know, we recently moved in to our new home. The roof and
> floor decking, as well as the wall sheathing, were OSB.
> I had assumed that OSB had its own tables available, similar to UBC Table
> 23-II-H or Tables 3.1A/B of NDS.
> Since I'm updating my structural notes on the current project I'm working
> on, I decided to acquaint myself with this topic a bit, and went to
> the..........

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