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RE: AISC II (the facts)

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Title: RE: AISC II (the facts)
According to the information AISC provided me, the answer is no, you can not recreate the data. The radius of flange to web varies from mill to mill and, according to AISC, the information from the mill is not available to anyone other than AISC and this may be the issue. 
I think that it has not been tested legally and this leads to a great deal of confusion. Personally, I would never have purchased my AISC manual for the database alone. The values are too easy to obtain through the software I use or from other sources. I purchased the AISC manual for the technical information (as opposed to physical properties). The database has no other real value to me other than a convenience or use to create my own proprietary tools.
If AISC wanted to charge a reasonable price of say $10.00 to provide a spreadsheet of Properties, I would not complain as I would feel I am paying a reasonable price for that would save me the trouble of copying the information manually. In the end, it is a question of just how legal is their copyright on this information? Seem like a big waste of time to argue about it when AISC would gain more appreciation from the professional community than they would resentment. Is the revenue that AISC makes on the database worth the harmful public relations that this issue has raised?
One final note. I am not suggesting nor am I condoning the use of intimidation. Nor am I suggesting that AISC use intimidation in the form of legal threats against those who have obtained the database and who are using it to either create design software, distribution to public domain or for proprietary use. This is what leads to resentment and accusations of "bashing".  It is an issue that deserves a legal interpretation by an impartial third party. This will do much to help resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the majority - the professional practioners who rely on the information.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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Subject: Re: AISC II (the facts)

I'm sorry, I haven't followed this thread closely.  Can someone answer a couple of simple questions for me?
1)  Would it be legal for me to type all the AISC info into my own spreadsheet?
2)  Would it be legal for me to give that spreadsheet to a colleague?
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