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Re: AISC Latest Move - Different View Point

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Title: RE: AISC Latest Move - Different View Point

"If you typed it in for your own use only, it would seem to me that you have not harmed anyone.  Although I would wonder what value you place on your own time given that that significant effort saved you about $60.  If you then gave it to someone else, you'd be pushing closer to the real contentious issue, which is the re-sale of the data that was purchased from AISC."

I'm a sole proprietor and have no employees.  I have always been one of the quickest to purchase software and design aids, because in order for me to compete with larger shops, I have to do a few things faster . . . that means minimizing hand calcs.  So several years ago, I entered much of the steel data into a spreadsheet/data base; it was not available electronically as far as I know.  Since then, I've saved considerable time by using a beam analysis spreadsheet that I designed myself, for simple span, laterally braced beams.  But the most VALUE is in the accuracy and the number of things effortlessly checked (eg: deflection, bearing, shear, moment) with a simple cut-and-paste operation.

So how do I save $60 by purchasing something I've already got?

And then, how can GIVING something to someone be construed as RESALE?

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