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Re: To Charlie Carter, Re: AISC

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While the mills and  fabricators may not provide the bulk of the funding
they control all of the  votes.  There are no professional members on the
AISC board of directors.

Mark Gilligan


Thanks for your reply and apology. Please voice your heartburn with AISC to
me. It may be something that you are not understanding and your heartburn
needless. Then again, it might be something about which you are correct and
about which I need to do something. Either way, we'll both be better off.

As you requested, I can only quibble with one thing you had to say:

    >AISC is largely funded by the American steel industry -- the
    >mills and the fabricators.  I understand that fabricators who
    >are members of AISC pay a fee based on the amount of
    >steel that they sell

This isn't entirely the case.

About half our funding comes from dues paid by members, including about 75
percent of that part from fabricator and mill dues. The other half of our
funding is from the "profit" we make on the sales of the technical
information we produce and sell. I put profit in quotes because we do not
make any profit as a non-profit organization. So if we wanted to give
everything away tomorrow in order to sell more steel, we'd essentially have
to double our membership dues.

I'm coming to realize that people tend to think of AISC as a trade
association for steel like PCA is for concrete. However, if you compare
activities, I think you will agree that AISC is really a mix of ACI and PCA
in one organization. Sure, we're very interested in making fabricated
structural steel the material of choice, but we would not knowingly pursue
anything that would compromise public safety just to move tonnage.



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