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RE: AISC II (the facts)

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Title: RE: AISC II (the facts)
Are the equations in the 
AISC Specifications protected? 
Yes. See the copyright page in the front of the specification. When you buy a copy, though, I think our understanding is that you are buying the right to use the information for yourself. The issue we're discussing centers more on the subsequent use of the information you bought by others who may not have.
I think my idea of pairing the AISC Manual and the AISC Shapes Database is the way to make the argument  moot, since everyone buys a Manual.
Does AISC claim copyright 
protection of bolt design values? 
No, but RCSC does (well, RCSC holds the copyright on the RCSC Specification, anyway). AISC is just the publisher in that case.
> If I use them in a spreadsheet, then give 
the spreadsheet to someone, am I liable? 
Say I buy design drawings and specifications for a building from you. After I have my building, is it OK with you if I re-draw the drawings and re-type the specifications you sold to me so I have them in electronic form? Say a friend of mine likes my building so much that he wants one too. Can I give him copies of the re-drawn drawings and re-typed specifications for his use? Say we find out that a LOT of people like our buildings. Can we set up a business of our own to sell the re-drawn drawings and re-typed specifications so that everyone can have one of these nifty buildings? Would you hold me liable?
My guess is you'd answer: Yes. No. No. Yes. 
Are properties of reinforcing steel 
protected by either ACI or CRSI? 
Does AITC claim copyright protection 
of all the data in their manual 
that I am unable to calculate 
myself?    What about the model 
building codes?  Are their data protected? 
I do not know. Better check with them directly. 
It has always been my understanding 
that one could quote 
from a text if credit is given. 
Has this become illegal?
I think your understanding is correct. But I also think there are limits on what constitutes fair use. Our policy is to obtain written permission, just to be sure.